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Matthew Settle on TV

A bit late, but The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood is airing tonight, August 30th, well technically August 31st, at midnight and at 2:30 am for a second airing on the channel called TBS ^_____^

Then again, on September 4th, TNT (yes, the fab channel that brought us "Into the West") will air the same movie at 8:30 AM.

It seems these two channels, TNT and TBS, have pretty much put Ya-Ya on their "rotation" list, basically airing them at least once a month, so don't miss the movie, and yes, unfortunately, Matthew only appears for like 5 minutes, but it's a good five minutes, the sexiest five minutes ever. So, set your recorders on, or watch the movie late at night like I'm doing now XD
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YAAAAAAY! Do you know where these "sexiest five minutes ever" are located in the film? I saw it last month, but only the part where Judd's kids were ill, crying, pooping (I think), whatever to her and back then, I had no clue he was in the movie.=X
ah ... he's in the part where, it's a flash back and you see Ashlee Judd's character dancing with a soldir, that's Matthew's character, and then after the dancing, Ashlee's character goes upstairs with her three friends, past her mother who's in the bedroom praying or something, adn then you see the girls all asleep and Judd's mother bursts in ripping off Judd's ring that her father gave her, then the father bursts in the room telling the mom to return the ring back to Judd, because that's the ring HE gave to HER. The mom throws the ring back at Judd's character and then the flashback ends. And then in the next flashback you find out Matthew's character is MIA (pretty much dead) that's when Sidalee (Judd's oldest daughter played by Sandra Bullock) finds out that Jack (Matthew's character) was Judd's love of the life, and Sidalee wonders, if Jack was her mother's love of the life, why did she end up marrying Sidalee's daddy ... and we find out: because Jack died due to the war. SAD!!!! XD
awwwwwwwwww~ =*( i'll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for that in the next showing. thanks!
lol np, yeah, I've been looking for Matthew's spot in the movie too, and everytime I watch the movie, they're always past that part, so I was really happy when I finally saw him ... I remembered watching the movie through once on HBO in NY but I didn't really remember Matt at that time, hell, I didn't even know who he was, so yeah, the irony ... but finally, I know who he is and I saw his segment, yeah, lol he looks so cute, but I gotta say, he looks much better in Into the West, with all that rugged look, I love it, plus he's like the only man that the southern accent doesn't bother me. *drools*
Oh, GAWD, I just checked our local listings and the next time they'll be showing it will be on TBS at 5:30 A.M.x.x When does he appear in the movie? Beginning? Middle? End?

but I gotta say, he looks much better in Into the West
I believe that his is best work yet. I finished watching Band of Brothers earlier this week and GOD DAYUM he's hot in there.xD~ However, I didn't like his character at first because he was such an asshole or as he considers himself, "the meanest, toughest son of a bitch" to the lower-ranking men. But yeah, I understand you can't be nice and friendly all the time to the guys you train in the military, but...but...Richard D. Winters was! That's why I love him so~ But that's a different story.^^; Matthew's character in Into the West was definitely out of this world. To be able to find a man like THAT...*sigh*
bwahahahh, I still need to watch Band of Brothers ... does his character survive in it?

I believe Matthew's character appears in between the middle and the beginning. I'm pretty sure it's the beginning part of the movie, like he doesn't appear right away, he appears when the old women "kidnap" Sidalee and keep her "hostage" as they try to tell her stories of her mother's past and sorta patch up the mother/daughter relationship
Oooh, thanks for the heads up.=D

And about his fate in BOB...I'd hate to ruin the ending for you, but like he said, he IS the meanest and toughest sob and according to Charles Darwin, only the meanest and toughest fittest survive.;P

Deleted comment

^_______________^ I wholeheartedly agree!!!