when the sun shines again (vforvera) wrote in matthewsettle,
when the sun shines again

Matthew Settle on TV

A bit late, but The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood is airing tonight, August 30th, well technically August 31st, at midnight and at 2:30 am for a second airing on the channel called TBS ^_____^

Then again, on September 4th, TNT (yes, the fab channel that brought us "Into the West") will air the same movie at 8:30 AM.

It seems these two channels, TNT and TBS, have pretty much put Ya-Ya on their "rotation" list, basically airing them at least once a month, so don't miss the movie, and yes, unfortunately, Matthew only appears for like 5 minutes, but it's a good five minutes, the sexiest five minutes ever. So, set your recorders on, or watch the movie late at night like I'm doing now XD
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