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Has anyone here seen Attraction? I was thinking about adding it to my Netflix queue but the reviews aren't so good. Not that that means anything. I liked Blue Smoke and that got bad reviews, too. So is Attraction worth watching or will I want to spork my eyes out after 15 minutes?
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I didn't like the movie but Matthew has a reaaly big part in it. So it's worth watching for him. And of course if you want to see him naked ;) I think there is no fan that hasn't seen the movie because of one infamous full frontal scene.
Full frontal?! *runs off to buy Attraction* ;D It's nice to see an American actor doing some full frontal nudity. It's usually just the Brits that have the guts to do it.
Yes, it was very surprising. And I wasn't really prepared for it :D But it's just a very quick shot.


March 22 2008, 04:04:49 UTC 10 years ago

I'd love to see it but I can't find it anywhere, could osmeone please post it on rapidshare or something??