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The Matthew Settle Community @ LJ

For Matthew Settle Fans

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Fan Community for Actor, Matthew Settle


Seems like Matthew is one of the underappreciated actors in this here hollywood acting business of ours, but thanks to his role as Jacob Wheeler in TNT's hit drama miniseries, "Into the West," he is starting to get the attention he deserves; even getting named as one of People Magazine's "50 Hottest Bachelors" 'Guys on the Rise' bachelor.

So what's not to like about Matthew? He's hot and deadly gorgeous yummie. Put aside his awesome looks, you get an extremely versatile and talented actor. He likes to be apart of period pieces, hence why his filmography includes works like, "Into the West" or "Band of Brothers" or Devine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

Currently, he's been appearing in tv shows like "Brothers & Sisters" and the new CW show, "Gossip Girl".


.x.] Be polite each other and respect each other's opinions!
.x.] Try to reduce the amount of rumour talk
.x.] Post anything from icons to banners to pictures to wallpaper to fic, anything, just as long as you remember, if the pictures spoil something, like a movie that's just coming out, please indicate so, because others might not know yet and it would be consider a spoiler.
.x.] So just put spoilers under a lj-cut.
.x.] If you are posting more than one picture, please keep most or all under a cut tag: [lj-cut text="more under the cut"] post your pictures, etc here [/lj-cut] (but replace [ and ] with < and >). For icons, you can have three above the lj-cut.
.x.] Please do not HOTLINK ... it is a no-no and not condoned at all, please upload pictures you might like to share from sites onto your own server, like Photobucket. Leaching is never a good thing, it creates problems with bandwidth.
.x.] Finally, if you have any questions or comments concerning the community, feel free to email me. I shall be your moderator, vforvera. XD
.x.] If you would like to affiliate, just leave a post or a comment and I'll be glad to affiliate!